Bicycle Ambulance

These ambulances have been designed to be used on the terai, the flat marshy lands at the base of the Himalayas.



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    Jeff said:

    jmoneychiu said:
    Hi, I am a student trying to create a 3D model of the patient's ride. I'm having trouble with the shock absorber. Why does the description list 4 elements but the diagram shows 6? Also, the diagram isn't exactly showing me how I am supposed to assemble the shock absorber from the listed parts. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
    on 3/11/11
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    Neil from Practical Action said:

    Jeff It looks like our list is not correct. I'm trying to check with our team in Nepal who have the original document in Nepali to look at but it looks like you need six parts as well as the main shock absorber spring assembly. You also need some assembly drawing of the shock absorber which is not in the original document. Hopefully, I can get more details from Nepal and add them into the document.
    on 9/11/11