Tomato Processing

Traditionally, the most important methods used are concentration (to a paste or puree and drying either fruit pieces or to a powder.



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    Ferdinand Joh said:

    Ferdex said:
    I have been studying several materials on food processing intended at setting up a tomato processing plant in Cameroon to curb unemployment, illegal immigration, and contribute to rural development and world food supply. I found this material to be of immense importance. I led me to sending a mail to Practical action requesting advise and information on funding. I will appreciate to get further advice from Practical action. Thanks.
    on 5/1/14
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      Neil Philip Noble said:


      Dear Ferdinand,
      The question of funding is always a difficult one. As you may be aware Practical Action is not a grant making organsiation and does not provide funding for other people’s projects. In fact, Practical Action relies on funding support from other for its own projects.

      There are many different sources of funds and the one that you would require depends on the type of enterprise you are involved in. For commercial enterprises the funding may come from banks and credit organsiations but for charities the funding can come from grant making bodies that have a specific area of interest.

      There is also a growing interest in crowd-funding initiatives such as Kivo that allow individuals to invest directly in new directly into new ventures from across the world.

      on 4/2/14

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