Solar Cooking and Health

Ideas on what solar cooking is about, its capabilities, health issues as well as its limitations.



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    bedarul islam said:

    i am interested to know about solar cooking please give us total idea on how you built or install a solar cooker in a home do you use any solar panels thanks sincerely yours bedarul
    on 5/11/12
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    we want to know the problems..
    on 27/2/14
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    David Nicholls said:

    not sure if this is an appropriate place to ask this but.... I've been trying to think of ways of bringing solar cooking inside, since cooking outside is often a big drawback. Could the heat from sunlight concentrated with reflectors to a very hot point then be brought inside via something that conducts heat well like insulated copper cable or some kind of liquid or gas? Also I had the idea of light concentrated with reflectors to a point being reflected again with a mirror down a shaft (from a (perhaps quite large) permanent mirror array on the roof) to the oven to heat it up, or perhaps a lens could do this. Seems like the mirror array on the roof could be operated manually with pullies & a periscope of some sort, or with solar electric tracking). the more I've thought about this the more it seems impossible or too complicated to my amateur mind & instead conducting the heat seemed the only hope. Just thought I'd share that thought, I don't usually attempt to come up with alternative technology, having no technical expertise, was just thinking about what I'd like to do with my own house. Cheers
    1 day, 19 hours ago

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