Diriya 2007

Mainstreaming disability into development

6-7 March 2007, organised by Practical Action & the Development with Disabled Network

Disability causes, exacerbates and is also a result of poverty. People with disabilities are a marginalised group in society. Their needs are often neglected and consequently they remain among the poorest of the poor and are frequently excluded from social activities, education, employment and the benefits of many development programmes.

Disability oriented approaches have tried to tackle the effects of marginalisation and now there is wide acceptance that disability sensitivity should be mainstreamed into the development process.

The theme of Diriya 2007 was how disability can be 'mainstreamed' into the development process. The event examined the barriers that hinder persons with disabilities (PWDs) from actively participating in the development process, discussed how we can promote social inclusion and helped to sensitise policy makers, so PWDs can participate and benefit from development.

The two day conference, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 6th and 7th March 2007 at the Banadaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, aimed to:

  • spread knowledge on mainstreaming approaches and methodologies of disability in development in South Asia and the rest of the world
  • share lessons and experiences of mainstreaming disability into development
  • discuss the drawbacks and challenges which arise in implementation of policy interventions

Further information:

Key presentations and discussions from this conference are compiled in Jana Thakshana Puwath, Practical Action South Asia's newsletter.

If you have any queries please contact us.

email: diriya@practicalaction.org.lk

fax: +94 11 2856 188

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Details of a previous conference can be found here: Diriya 2004

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