Crop Processing

Post-harvest activities can make a big difference to the financial impact of small-scale agricultural activities.


Crop Storage and Preservation

Crop losses are a major problem in many situations but careful preservation and storage can combat this.


Crop drying is a good preservation technique and can be a good income generating activity.

Nut Processing and Oil Extraction

This section covers the processing of various nuts which are either sold as whole nuts or further processed into...

General Resources

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Guidelines for Building Power Thresher

  • fact sheet
  • English

Step by step pictorial description of build up a power threasher, cost effectively.

Shamim Hasan , Published by Practical Action Bangladesh on 01/01/07



  • fact sheet
  • Swahili

HDRA / Garden Organic, Published by Practical Action on 05/01/14

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Harvesting and Threshing
This manageable guide sets out to answer what harvesting and threshing equipment is available, what are the main characteristics of types of equipment and where can you go for more information and supply.

Root Crop Processing

Covers the most common processing techniques for the major root crops including potato, cassava, sweet potato, yam and other edible aroid crops.

Cereal Processing
Focuses on the processing of four cereals - maize (or corn), rice, sorghum and wheat.

Abrasive-Disk Dehullers in Africa


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