Practical Action Consulting

Sharing over 40 years of international expertise, Practical Action Consulting provides independent and professional consulting in the use of technology for poverty reduction to governments, NGOs, aid agencies & the private sector.

Areas of expertise

Food & agriculture

A Zimbabwean vet immunizes livestock

PAC's work in this area aims to increase income and access to food for the poor through promoting sustainable agriculture production systems. PAC's role in this is through provision of knowledge to small scale farmers, providing sustainable market system interventions, capacity building and work with agribusiness supply chains.

Regional expert hub: Southern Africa (view on map)

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Climate change

A woman in Bangladesh uses a raised waterpump

Climate change and poverty cannot be addressed in isolation. PAC integrate climate change into all of our thematic areas of work.

Our experts work with communities to identify climate-induced impacts to livelihoods, and develop appropriate disaster risk reduction and adaptation strategies to reduce vulnerability and improve future prospects.

Regional expert hub: Asia (view on map)

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A woman in Kenya makes a fuel-efficient stove out of clay

Our vision is to increase energy access to the very poor in developing countries, through our own projects and by influencing others. PAC is currently producing innovative work on bioenergy, including biomass, biogas and biofuels; off-grid electrification such as hydro, wind and solar schemes; stoves; and indoor air pollution.

Regional expert hub: United Kingdom (view on map)

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Knowledge & communications

One community member interviews a friend by film in Peru

PAC provides tailored communication products that facilitate smooth, continuous feedback and learning processes among different stakeholders such as government institutions, small producers, policy makers and the private sector.

Regional expert hub: Latin America (view on map)

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Disaster risk reduction

Villagers build flood defences to prevent damage to their homes

PAC applies an integrated approach to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), ensuring linkages between livelihoods, climate change and governance issues are at the heart of any intervention. We believe our approach to DRR, climate change and development is more likely to achieve positive development outcomes for the poor.

Regional expert hub: Asia (view on map)

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A tomato seller empties his basket at a local market

PAC's market interventions are designed to produce change between market actors and the systems in which they operate in a sustainable and replicable manner. Our participatory approach ensures poor people can positively engage in markets, and use them to work their own way out of poverty.

Regional expert hub: Eastern Africa (view on map)

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Regions where we work

Asia South AsiaSouthern AfricaEaster AfricaWestern AfricaLatin AmericaUnited Kingdom

UK office

Our dynamic team of UK-based staff work from the Head Office of Practical Action near Rugby, Warwickshire. The team has solid international experience from living and working in over 40 countries. The UK support all of our international offices and also lead on energy development projects.

Expertise focus: Energy (see overview)

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Latin America

Based out of Lima, Peru and with an office in Bolivia, PAC Latin America draws on over 25 years' experience from Soluciones Prácticas in the Latin American region. Knowledge sharing initiatives are a key skill of the bilingual team, who have a strong network of partners to successfully deliver projects to the highest standard.

Regional head office: Lima, Peru
Expertise focus: Knowledge & communications (see overview)

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West Africa/Afrique de l'Ouest

PAC's exciting expansion into both Francophone and English-speaking west Africa is being led by the UK office. This is a fantastic opportunity for PAC to increase the reach of our projects and deliver technology consultancies for poverty reduction in a new region.

Regional head office: Dakar, Sénégal

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Eastern Africa

With permanent staff in Nairobi, Kisumu and Kigali, the East Africa team provides demand-driven, value-added services to a range of clients, extending the reach of Practical Action's work; in particular to the private sector. Market systems development is a thematic focus.

Regional head office: East Africa
Expertise focus: Markets (see overview)

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Southern Africa

The Harare office works across the southern African region. Projects underpinned by community based approaches to rural development across fields such as livestock, agro-processing and irrigation are a key strength of the team.

Regional head office: Harare, Zimbabwe
Expertise focus: Food & agriculture (see overview)

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With a specialist focus on climate change and disaster risk reduction, the Kathmandu office is building an excellent reputation as a technology and development consultancy across Asia. Established in 2008, PAC Asia draws on expert staff, regional consultants and project partners to deliver its portfolio.

Regional head office: Kathmandu, Nepal
Expertise focus: Disaster risk reduction (see overview)
Expertise focus: Climate change (see overview)

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South Asia

PAC South Asia has had strong successes influencing policymakers in Sri Lanka on energy access issues. The team are currently building networks with organisations that focus on the gender/ energy nexus. Since 2006, PAC's office in Colombo has delivered projects in the south and south-east Asia region.

Regional head office: Colombo, Sri Lanka

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