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Where development work and business opportunities meet to eradicate poverty

Practical Action Consulting Eastern Africa (PAC EA), is the dynamic consulting arm of the international NGO, Practical Action. PAC’s operations in Eastern Africa began in the early 1990s and have expanded through the direct delivery of projects as well as training and capacity-building . We provide demand-driven, value-added services to a range of clients, including local and international NGOs, donor agencies, government departments and the private sector. Our work covers the entire East African region, in particular  Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland.

Our expert consultants take lessons learned from the work of Practical Action and respond across a much broader geographic region, delivering projects covering key issues such as renewable energy, climate change and market development. In particular, PAC EA successfully extends the outreach and impact of Practical Action’s work in private sector development.

Markets and Enterprise Development

Market systems are fundamental to delivering benefits to the poor, and are a vehicle for growth, but only if they are developed appropriately. Households use markets for acquiring food, essential everyday items such as charcoal and for selling products and labour to others. Markets have the potential to connect marginalised producers to valuable commercial and social relations, and also a broad network of technologies, experiences and assets that can help them escape poverty.

Practical Action Consulting’s (PAC) market interventions are designed to produce change between market actors and the systems in which they operate in a sustainable and replicable manner. Our responses are always designed with a good understanding of key market-systems, to ensure we do not inadvertently damage livelihoods, jobs and businesses.

EMMA - Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis

The EMMA toolkit is a guidance manual for humanitarian staff in sudden-onset emergencies. It aims to improve emergency responses by encouraging and assisting relief agencies to better understand, support and make use of local market-systems in disaster zones.

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Participatory Market Mapping

Participatory Market Mapping describes the process of bringing the diverse people within a market system together in a series of flexible workshops. These workshops help them to build trust and collaborate to create a more efficient, fair and profitable market system together.

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Participatory Market Systems Development

The Participatory Market Systems Development approach works by bringing all of the key people within a particular market together, and helping them to collectively identify obstacles and opportunities affecting their market system, and approaches to change it.

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Technology innovation systems

Market systems are not just about economic transactions. They are also about social relationships, collaboration, competition, influence and exchanges of knowledge.

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Tameezan wa Gathui – Project Officer, Energy

Nairobi office

Femi Awoyinfa
Practical Action Consulting Manager

Practical Action Eastern Africa,
PO Box 39493-00623,
Nairobi, Kenya

Street address: Methodist Ministries Centre, Block C (1st Floor), Oloitokitok Road, Off Gitanga Road, Nairobi

Phone: +254 2025 95311 | Office mobile: +254722200883
Email:  Femi Awoyinfa

Kigali office

Phone: +250 782 538 843

Rwanda office

Ewan Bloomfield
Rwanda Country Manager and International Energy Consultant

Practical Action Consulting Rwanda
Nyarugenge District
Muhima Sector
Nyabugogo Avenue

T: +250 (0)735332982

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