Community radio - let's make it happen

A discussion organised by Practical Action on 13 June 2008

Community radio practitioners, broadcasters, academics and NGO representatives participated in the discussion. Community radio then and now, the challenge of empowering listeners, a legal and policy framework that ensures freedom of expression and right to communication was the key themes on which panelists expressed their views.

The panelists were

  • Sunil Wijesinghe - Controller of Kotmale Community Radio
  • Wijedasa Hewage - Director of Sinhala Services of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
  • Tilak Jayaratne - senior broadcaster
  • Thilina Samarasuriya - Director of the Training School of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
  • Kapila M Gamage - senior broadcaster
  • Vasana Wickremasena - Open University
  • Sajan Venireeyor joined on Skype from India.

Suggestions that came from the participants included:

  • Learning more about community media initiatives that have worked is important,to get more interested individuals and groups on community radio to join and to move forward collectively
  • importance of empowering listeners to lobby for revving community radios
  • initiating the transmission of the community radio station in a village in Polonnaruwa which was initially set up to work alongside Gemidiriya project which did not take off

As a next step participants agreed to be on a mailing list that will be linked to the portal and share information. This discussion was held at the Practical Action conference room on the 13th of June 2008.

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