Local knowledge and local impact

Local knowledge and local impacts

At Practical Action we have been working with local communities to understand what their existing perception of climate change and climate variability are and what impacts these are likely to have on their livelihoods.

For example, we have worked with people in Western Nepal to identify existing knowledge and perceptions of climate changes over the last few years. We have also been working in Southern Bangladesh to look at the impacts of climate change on coastal communities and with pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya to look at the impact of climate change on pastoralist livelihoods. Read more on our projects in Kenya here. More information can also be found in the documents below.

Relevant Documents

Climate Change and Adaptation Options for the Coastal People of Bangladesh

Impacts of Climate Change in Nepal: Voices of the People

Based on field observations, information and interactions with communities in Nepal, this report compiles the outcomes of the studies conducted by Practical Action's Nepal office between 2007 and 2009, which brings out the communities' perceptions and concerns in respect to climate change, and provides basis for adaptation planning.

Climate Change and Pastoralist Livelihoods in Kenya

Facing Climate Change in Northern Kenya

Agricultural adaptation in Peru

This guidebook presents a selection of technologies for climate change adaptation in the agriculture sector. The 22 technologies showcased have been selected because they facilitate the conservation and restoration of diversity while also providing opportunities for increasing agricultural productivity.

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