Dealing with uncertainty

Dealing with uncertainty

Impacts of climate variability and change are part of a bigger picture of the future trends and uncertainties facing poor communities. Climate change contributes to vulnerability by creating greater uncertainty in the environment within which poor people are living and producing, for example it is making it more difficult for farmers to know when to plant and for livestock keepers to know where to find good pasture. Climate change is therefore exacerbating problems poor people already face in maintaining their livelihoods and trying to move out of poverty. People not only need to cope with climate change but a whole variety of shocks and hazards with only very limited resources.

Practical Action is working with farmers and livestock keepers to build more resilient livelihoods and better futures. In order to do this we use an approach called ‘From Vulnerability to Resilience’ (V2R). This approach looks at the multiple aspects of people’s lives; their livelihoods; the way policies and practice affect them; the shocks and hazards they are exposed to and the long term trends including climate change but also economic and political changes.

This framework integrates climate change adaptation with disaster risk reduction, sustainable livelihoods and governance issues. It helps us understand the situation of vulnerable communities today so we can work with them more effectively for a better future. Read more here.

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