Simple Technology Changing the World – but is it cool?

click for full-size versionI was at a meeting this week where people talked about smart grids, GMOs and nano technology as ways to help the developing world and cope with our growing world population predicted to be over 9 billion people by 2050.

The purpose of the meeting was to share ideas and stimulate thinking but being pragmatic I just wanted to say we don’t need nano tech or GMOs the technology exists – its simple and sustainable – get on with it!

Flicking through our website – it’s a great source of information even though I say it myself (well done David!) – I came across these diagrams which show very simple technology that’s changing lives in the most remote and inhospitable areas of Peru.

I love people, I love listening to their stories of change and their hopes for the future but I am also a bit of a geek so I loved these diagrams too. Simple technologies really do work.

I wonder if Jeremy Clarkson would put them at the front of his Top Gear Cool Wall I certainly think that they are great! And people living with lots of ice in very cold regions of Latin America think they are great too!

Have a good weekend


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