UN Climate talks – ‘the heat is on’ …

… no, that’s not a cue to start dancing to the sounds of 80s synchroniser pop music.

It’s a cue to face up to the reality of the impacts of climate change.

Yesterday at COP16 (the UN Climate talks in Cancun), experts from the Royal Society reported that we should expected an average rise in global temperatures of 4c. Not by the end of the century but by 2060.

50 years.

Just 50 years before our planet and the lives of its people are changed unimaginably and irreversably.

And who will be hardest hit? The poorest communities – least able to adapt to the changes.

This kind of news can’t depress us. It needs to spur us to action. For us it’s about pushing for more and better funding for adaptation right now. Perhaps it can push you to take action too?

Still feel like dancing?

Helen – Campaigns

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3 responses to “UN Climate talks – ‘the heat is on’ …”

  1. paul Says:

    Excellent stuff – may I add a link to your blog from my departmental blog?


    In any case, best of luck.

  2. Helen Says:

    Hi Paul\

    Thanks for your comments.

    Yes, would be delighted if you added my blog to your departmental blog – the wider we can share the better!

    Best wishes


  3. paul Says:

    Great, then I’ll add a link.

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