UN climate talks – superpower scuffles …

November 30th, 2010

The G2 dilemma is dominating much of the conversation in Cancun.

‘G2’ refers to China and the USA – locked (in fact, dead-locked) over crucial climate change issues.

The G2 relationship reminds me of my childhood. For years I was secure with my sibling ‘super-power’ status when, without me noticing, up crept my younger sister – suddenly stronger, leaner and more ambitious than before.

The same has happened with the USA and China – whose rivalry could end up holding the whole process hostage.

The USA criticise large developing countries, including China, India and Brazil for not submitting their carbon emissions for international monitoring and China, India and Brazil criticise the developed countries for exactly the same thing (despite the fact that for us these targets are legally binding).

This may sound like a childish game but its consequences are severe – the USA are refusing to support the creation of a new climate fund unless China et al agree to serious monitoring and mandatory targets.

The G2 need to realise that the process is bigger than them – there are over 190 countries involved and billions of lives at risk if they fail to make progress.



P.s Years later, my sister and I are now the best of friends – care to take a gamble on whether the real G2 relationship will develop the same way?!

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  1. Sarah Says:

    ‘super-power’ status! I would agree with that one! Keep on blogging, ‘USA’ Sarah!

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