UN climate talks – dont go Zombie …

December 6th, 2010

Zombie films are scary.

So are zombie negotiations.

As we enter the second, and crucial, week of the UN climate talks we need to see a step-change in the ambition and commitment of all 192 countries here in Cancun.

If not, there are fears that we could see a ‘zombie scenario’ – where talks continue but are effectively dead.

We can’t afford for this to happen. Nor can the millions of women, men and children living uncertain futures on the front-line of climate change.

We need to encourage and applaud those groups and countries, such as the EU, Norway, Switzerland and New Zealand, openly showing their support for a second commitment of the Kyoto Protocol (setting binding emission targets).

And we need to cast a light on countries such as Japan, Canada and Russia who are unlikely to do the same, effectively meaning that after 2012 (when the first period of the Kyoto Protocol ends) there will be no international, binding agreement with regard to climate change.

Just like in a zombie movie, failure to make real progress this week will ultimately result in death and devastation.

It’s time for negotiators to wake up and put their politics to one side, for the sake of the world’s poorest people.



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