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    Flash floods and landslides in Nepal

    Nepal has mainly two types of river systems. First type includes big rivers which originate in China and flow downwards forming big catchment in Nepal. Second type comprises small streams and rivulets which originate in lower hills, the Churia, and flow down to Terai, the southern plains. The August 12th floods that wreaked havoc in the country was mostly caused by the second type of rivers due to cloudbursts in the Churia. In most of the lower hill regions the […]

    August 22nd, 2017

    Beyond the jargon – why I’m participating in the UNLEASH Innovation Lab

    Here are some phrases many of us in the international development sector hate: innovative ideas, scale and scalability, accelerating impact, disrupting ‘business as usual’. These words have been so over-used that they’ve lost all meaning, and yet they continue to be plastered (mostly inappropriately) all over development programmes and initiatives. So when I read about UNLEASH, a ‘global innovation lab’ for ‘innovative, implementable and scalable solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals’ that brings together 1000 ‘young global talents’ to ‘accelerate […]

    August 11th, 2017

    Supporting Food teachers with NEW resources…

    When the specifications for the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition courses were released last year, we were delighted by the inclusion of opportunities for students to learn about issues that very much reflect the broader debates around food in the world today. They include issues around sustainability, the environment and the pros and cons of different food production systems. Although the different examination boards have approached the subject knowledge and understanding of these topics in slightly different ways, at the […]

    A better life for women and girls

    Water pump Sudan
    Poverty, marginalisation, traditions and customs together with gender blind plans and policies contribute to gender inequality in Sudan. Women and girls are traditionally responsible of all domestic work in Sudanese houses.  Moreover, they are burdened by water and wood daily fetching journeys which consume between three to eight hours per day in the dry regions of Darfur, Kordofan and East Sudan. Housewives spend much time and effort on unpaid activities (water and wood fetching) and are exposed to sometimes fatal hazards associated […]

    B26, Sudan, | August 8th, 2017

    From a kitchen worker to an evolving agriculture entrepreneur: an inspiring story of Rudra Chaulagain

    Rudra Prasad Chaulagain, a 40 year-old man is a skilled farmer, technician and an evolving entrepreneur.  Before 2009, his identity was different – he was a kitchen helper at one of the capital’s hotel casinos. Rudra grew up in a low income family of 7. Due to poverty, he was unable to complete his formal education and had to leave his family at 18 to earn a living. He worked in the Royal Casino as a kitchen helper for 13 […]

    July 26th, 2017

    Mesquite clearance in Darassa – from dream to reality

    Mesquite clearance in Darassa
    Ahmed Mohammed Tahir Betay, President of Kassala state Legislative Council and former commissioner of Telkuk, admired the Darassa catchment integrated water resource action plan, saying that ‘to demonstrate the whole is better than only a part’. He decided to help implement this action plan by sharing his knowledge of cleaning mesquite from Telkuk town when he was commissioner there. This resulted in increased water supply in hand dug wells during the dry season.  So he will have support for this idea in Darassa, […]

    July 25th, 2017

    Inspiration teachers – Think Global Educator of the Year Award #GEYA2017

    Think Global Educator of the Year Award 2017 #GEYA2107
    This year, in my role as a trustee I was privileged to attend Think Global’s Global Educator of the Year Award celebration event. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day to be on a roof terrace next to The Oval. Four really amazing teachers, this year’s finalists, came together with friends, families and guests to share what they had been doing to encourage young people to find out about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or Global Goals and what action they could […]

    July 21st, 2017

    Toilet trouble in the slums of Odisha

    Last week I travelled to Choudwar in the state of Odisha, India to visit a project being funded by H&M Foundation.  We took along with us two influential fashion and beauty vloggers Dress Like a Mum and Ms Rosie Bea to show them the realities of a life without adequate sanitation. Lost count of the little fingernails I painted and the amount of blue eyeshadow @ZdP applied at a slum today — Ms Rosie Bea (@Ms_Rosie_Bea) July 11, 2017 […]

    July 21st, 2017

    From perceptions to policy: nationwide climate impact survey aims to fill the data gap

    Written by Dipak Biswokarma and Yelisha Sharma Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and Practical Action have worked together to conduct the ground breaking ‘National Climate Change Impact Survey 2016’ in Nepal The climate change impact is highly visible globally and is affecting human lives and the entire ecosystem. Effects/ impacts are more alarming in the least developed and most vulnerable countries like Nepal. Effects/Impacts are more crucial on major livelihood dependent sectors such as agriculture, water, forest, biodiversity and energy. However, […]

    July 20th, 2017

    Imagine bringing up your toddler here?

    I recently visited Kisumu, Kenya, where Practical Action is working with two local partner organisations (KUAP and Umande Trust) in a five-year project to transform the sanitation situation for 64,200 residents of the city’s informal settlements. We visited families to understand the extreme challenges faced by parents and carers looking after children under 5 years. As a Mum of two, the youngest of whom turns 6 next month, I could easily make comparisons. There are so many different stages babies, […]