Shit Matters at Christmas

December 12th, 2012

What is the weirdest Christmas present you could give any one? For me the Shit Box, cardboard crapper must be a contender.  I’m amazed that people seem to be buying it. My daughter gave me a link to a ‘great’ website for Christmas presents and its 33 on their top 100 gifts!

Why would you do it? Why spend £16.99 plus P&P on a cardboard box with a hole in it? AND then use it to go to the loo!

Okay so I’m not their target audience.

But at the risk of sounding like someone’s self-righteous aunt, children are dying from the lack of a loo. Diarrhoea kills 1.5 million children each year, on top of this it’s a leading cause of malnutrition in children under 5. Shit is serious!

So if you have £20 to buy a ‘weird’ prezzie do something more useful – join up with a friend and give money for a decent loo to your favourite charity (overseas of course).

You still have the kudos of buying something weird without the problem of recycling (or contamination – having used a very clean long drop loo I know how hard ……I think any more might just be too much information – but you get my point)

If you are struggling for loo inspired prezzies have a look here.

Give a present that really can make a difference – not one that shows you are a plonker

Whatever you do (and buy)  this Christmas have a happy and very, very peaceful one

Auntie Margaret

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