Factors that instill Technology into our lives

March 9th, 2017

TechnologyTechnology should save cash. Households reduced their monthly expenditure on energy freeing resources for other needs.
Technology should be affordable: Price matters. As anticipated, the technology we offer is highly connected to their price. If it is affordable, adaptation will be rapid. Price can range from free to unaffordable based on individual household’s income status. Only the technologies that are within the affordable finance will see the light of the day, that too with efforts by development agents.
Poor the households, more they spend on technology (% of income). Based on local situation, knowledge of level of investment that can be realistically expected from different income groups is crucial?
Everyone yearn for new technology. It provides social status and also peer pressure to own new technology (conforming behavior). Some of the values users derive are tangible and others are not. Household decision making has factors other than eco

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