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A range of publications are available to download in Adobe Acrobat format under a Creative Commons Licence. On this page you will find the latest publication in each of the following categories:briefing papers,reports,articles, andmedia highlights. For a full list of publications please click through the headings.

New Technology Briefing Papers

Solar Power: Coming Out from Behind a Cloud?
Grimshaw, DJ (2006) - PDF, 1Mb
CISG solar cells have been talked about for about the last 20 years. It is the characteristics of the material itself which provide more efficient production of electricity via a PV cell. What remains an issue at the current time is the commercialization of the production process for CISG solar cells.However, given the recent advances in nanotechnology it does seem likely that the routes that are currently being traveled by several companies will eventually lead to products that will improve the price performance of solar cells.


Nanodialogues: Experiments in public engagement with science
Stilgoe, J (2007) - PDF, 2.6Mb
Demos: London. Chapter 3: The Politics of New Technologies - contains a broad assessment of our dialogues in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Creative Commons LicenseThese works are licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.


id21 Insights: Towards Pro-Poor Innovation: Putting Public Value into Science and Technology
Grimshaw, DJ,(September, 2007) - PDF, 393K
This issue contains many references to the work of Practical Action and David J. Grimshaw was the guest editor. The paper version was distributed to 25,000 policy makers and was also available at the DSA conference in September 2007.

Highlights in the media

Pod-ready Podcasting for the Developing World (SciDev.Net 19 June 2008)
Katherine Nightingale reports on an interview with Dr David J. Grimshaw of Practical Action. The article reports on our work, starting with podcasting in Peru in 2006, through to work in Zimbabwe in 2008. It recognises the importance of blending old and new technologies and taking account of the local context such as the lack of electricity or cell phone coverage.

Simple local solutions to a complex global issue (The Times, 10 July 2009)
As part of a series of reports on low-carbon initiatives from the developing world, Parminder Bahra talks to Dr David J. Grimshaw of Practical Action about using MP3 players to transfer veterinary and agricultural information in Zimbabwe.
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