Agricultural production in many parts of the world is carried out on a small-scale by farmers with little income or natural resources making their lives vulnerable to unforeseen setbacks but farming methods can be improved without relying on large amounts of external financial assistance but relying more on farmers cooperating on activities that would not be possible by individuals working on their won and by appropriate financial arrangements such as micro financing.

Some of the options available to small-scale farmers are highlighted by the research carried out be Practical Action and by the many other organisations that have also researched small-scale agricultural practice and made their findings available.



This section covers a broad range of small-scale cultivation techniques and discusses specific crops from fruit to...


Water is an essential element to agriculture. They are many ways in which farmers can improve their supply and use...

Production technologies

Farming relies on technologies to grow crops. This section looks at the small-scale equipment options.

Seed Supply and Storage

Access to quality seed can be a difficulty for small-scale farmers. This section looks at some options and methods.

Soil Fertility and Composting

Soil can be improved by farmers through a number of techniques including the use of fertilizer, manure and compost.

General Resources

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Adapting to Drought in Gwanda District

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This video shows the approach taken by Practical Action Southern Africa and farmers working in Gwanda, Zimbabwe.

Douglas Gumbo, Published by Practical Action Southern Africa on 11/13/13

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From Practical Action Publishing

Beating Hunger, The Chivi Experience
This book describes a project among small-scale farmers in the drought-prone and arid communal lands of Zimbabwe which, within the broad remit of promoting food security, helped the farmers identify their problems and choose their own solutions to them.

Sustainable Mountain Agriculture 1
This volume considers: mountain agricultural development strategies, farmers' response to development efforts, farming-forestry-livestock linkages, biological diversity, agro-ecosystems, and geographic information systems.

Sustainable Mountain Agriculture 2
This volume considers: farmers innovations and agricultural technologies, diversity of farming systems in mountain regions, indigenous farming technologies, irrigation systems, agroforestry, rural development, and mountain agricultural technology development and diffusion.

From Agromisa
Agromisa is a Dutch non-profit organisation affiliated with the Agricultural University of Wageninen in the Netherlands which aims to strengthen self-reliance of the rural populations in the South.

Marketing for small-scale producers
Marketing for small-scale producers PDF
Entering the organic export market
Entering the organic export market PDF
Starting a cooperative
Starting a cooperative PDF
The rural finance landscape
The rural finance landscape PDF


Biodiverse agriculture for a changing climate
This paper explores biodiverse agriculture as a realistic and proven alternative to industrial methods of production.

Climate change and agriculture
Support and change are needed to ensure effective adaptation.

Feeding nine billion in the face of climate change
By Simon Trace, Chief Executive, Practical Action

Resilience in Practice

Briefing Paper on how Practical Action is working across the V2R framework, taking into account hazards and stresses, livelihoods, governance and future uncertainty. The paper uses six case studies from Practical Action's projects in Peru, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sudan and Kenya.

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