Agricultural Value Chain Finance

Tools and Lessons

ISBN 978-185339-702-8

Calvin Miller and Linda Jones

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Agriculture remains an important means of alleviating poverty, but shortage of finance can constrain its development. At the same time, agriculture is evolving towards a global system requiring high-quality, competitive products, and is organized in value chains which often exclude smallholders. Value chain financing in agriculture offers an opportunity to increase the scope, and reduce the cost and risk of financing to agriculture. It can also help value chains to be more inclusive, by making resources available for smallholders to be integrated into higher value market opportunities.

Agricultural Value Chain Finance provides a comprehensive look at the models, tools and approaches used by industry leaders in all parts of the developing world. These are described, analysed and illustrated by many rich examples in order to demonstrate how they work, and to extract lessons and applications for others to adapt. The book builds on the deep experience of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) in agricultural development and finance and includes 40 industry examples and 5 comprehensive case studies to enhance learning.

This book is essential reading for agribusiness leaders and technical staff, bankers and cooperative leaders working in agriculture, NGO and microfinance development practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

Published in association with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations


"This book makes a useful contribution to the rapidly expanding literature on value chains by clarifying the myriad methods, some old, some new, used to finance actors in agricultural value chains."
Richard L. Meyer, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University

"I recommend the publication to be read by all stakeholders in the agriculture sector."
N. V. Ramana, former CEO, BASIX India, and Chairman, Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals

"This is a "must read" for anyone interested in value chain finance. The authors have moved forward our understanding by presenting a conceptual framework, supported by an extensive use of case studies, which makes this book indispensible for those involved in financing as well as policy makers."
Kenneth Shwedel, agricultural economist

About the authors

Calvin Miller is Senior Officer, Agribusiness and Finance, with the FAO of the UN. He has extensive field experience with agricultural finance, value chain development and agribusiness development and is founder of the MicroVest Investment Fund.

Linda Jones is an International Consultant in enterprise development with expertise in value chain development, and was formerly Chair of the SEEP Board. She has published widely on enterprise development, value chain analysis and development, and agricultural value chains.

Table of contents


1. Introduction
Defining value chain finance
Why is there interest in value chain finance in agriculture?
Overview of content

2. Understanding agricultural value chain finance
The concept of agricultural value chain finance
Agricultural value chain finance as an approach
Enabling environment
Value chains and diversified livelihoods

3. Value chain business models
Producer-driven value chain models
Buyer-driven value chain models
Facilitated value chain models
Integrated value chain models
Case Study 1.

4. Agricultural value chain finance instruments
Product overview
Product financing
Receivables financing
Physical asset collateralization
Risk mitigation products
Financial enhancements
Bringing it together
Case Study 2.
Case Study 3.

5. Innovations
Value chain innovations
Financial innovations
Technological innovations
Infrastructural innovations
Policy and public sector innovations
Case Study 4.
Case Study 5.

6. Lessons learned and summary recommendations


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