How Can I Make A Difference?

You Count

Decisions are made by people in power, but you have the power to influence them.

By working together, we can tackle poverty by campaigning for change.

1 Minute to make a difference

Use your head and join our 'face up to 4c' campaign. If you've not already signed up you can do so here

1 Meeting to make a difference

Arrange a meeting with your MP to talk climate change and encourage them to 'face up to 4c'.

It just takes four simple steps to meet your local MP:

  1. If you don't knowwho your MP is, you can find their contact details by entering your post code here
  2. Emailto arrange a meeting
  3. Duringthe meetingexplain why tackling climate change is essential to reduce poverty, and ask them to put pressure on the UK government to push for urgent and ambitious action on climate change
  4. Afterwards, don't forget to send your MP a thank-you note reminding them what they agreed to do. And please let usknow how you got on - we can continue to put pressure on your MP too.

Never contacted your MP before? Don't quite know what to expect from a meeting? Click here to find out more.

Dedicated to making a difference

Register for Practical Action's campaigning training

Got a campaigning question? Give us a call on 01926 634400 or send us an email

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